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                             Snow services for commercial or residential accounts  in New Jersey 





When it comes to plowing snow, NJ homeowners can count on us. There are a lot of so called snow contractor's looking to make a quick buck. Many don't have the know how or expertise or the right equipment. Antique plows & trucks that leak oil and other fluids on your property. Lawns that get ripped up, plants that get destroyed, even damage to your home. Why take a chance with the most important investment you have. Snow plowing done right at the right price.

Christopher Construction LLC gives you the same snow management service we give to all our clients, Professional, Reliable, Honest  service. Our automatic snow plowing service is another  feature that can bring you piece of mind, here's how it works. Takes  one call to sign up with us for automatic snow removal service that's it no more phone calls to get someone out there to plow you out, no more worrying if that guy you hired last time is still in the area and hoping he fixed that oil leak. We show up when the snow has  ended .Some customers require earlier service we can accommodate to your specific needs ahead of time.



Other options we offer  with our  snow plowing services

* Shoveling of snow  

* Salting

* Snow blower